Hey sice we are working alot on our games we have not let you know any news on the kip the bear website so there has been a few changes: 1: Shop oage added: since we are working ahrd on KTB we are working on toys for KTB and these toys are going to be deadly! Trading cards etc... 2: On the download page there should be better graphics! Thats the update for now and if you click on the pahe shop it will come up saying a sentence but also a sneak peek picture so this is what the sneak peek picture looks like:

not trying to give much away thats all you get for now! Cheers - Kip The Bear


Sorry that it was taking so long to let you know about whats going on here at sap studios and in our last post we messed up the picture took the writing off place hopefully you can scroll to see the rest of the post anyway back on topic, kip thje bear 2 is coming along veru nicely and we will have it ready for you guys in 2 months and curently we are working on level 2 underwater adventures and you will be able to swim using you space bar and here are some awesome pictures taken from kip the bear:

now what do you think of that? Nrxt update some time in April bye!

No Title 03/22/2009

I an happy to say this: The secret that we thought you could guess in our last post is revealed! What we were talking about was KIP THE BEAR PSP yes thats right we are working like mad on kip the bear new york trouble that we said it is taking longer than we thought it might be out in may or june well just to get your mind off that kip the bear PSP is in progress in will hopefully (fingers crossed) be out by the end of April if theres no bugs and just to proove that we are working 0n it heres a sneak peek: THE SNEAK PEEK IS AT THE TOP OF THIS POST! well what do you think of that huh? half of the team are working on Kip the bear 2 new york trouble and the other half (including me) are working on kip the bear PSP and kip the bear PSP is nothing like Kip the bear anyway bye!


We today have started doing something that includes something to do with PSP, s if you think you know what we are talking about comment on this post! Oh and in other news we will tell you more about whats going on about kip the bear 2 new york trouble on Monday.


Game maker mac is not going to be released so sorry mac users maybe next time. Anyway on the are new game kip the bear 2 new york trouble we have a big update bad news: its taking longer than we thought so it wont be realesed in april due to setting up the wepon shop and we are working like 1-3 hours a day so I hope you guys cant wait and em see you soon! STAY TUNE FOR KIP THE BEAR 2: NEW YORK TROUBLE UPDATE 2 ON MARCH 23RD


We Make Kip The Bear With Game Maker Yes!  But But But Game Maker Mac Private Beta Is Coming So Kip The Bear Mac..........!!!!! Its Coming!


I See That You Need To Have Game Maker To Play The Game Now You Dont Its Fixed


Hey Guys! Welcome To Another Exiting Post! Kip The Bear 2 has Been Discussed And We Are Planning The Levels And Drawing All The Characters And Enemies And Next Week We Will Start Putting The Game Together In A Programme That We Make Kip The Bear In! Discover New Enemies (Including Spike Traps etc.....) Oh And In Kip The Bear 2 There Is A Main Menu! So When You Download The Game And Play It It Will Come Up Saying: Kip The Bear 2: New York trouble Press Space Press f1 For Help Thats What It Says! Now I Said That Kip The Bear For Mac Is Not Going So Well As We Wanted It Too Because In The Game Maker That We Use To make Kip The Bear Wont Make Mac Games And We Looked For MMac Game Makers But They Wont Let Us Do The Things That We Could Do In Game Maker To Make Kip The Bear For Windows Sorry Mac Users Oh And Kip The Bear 2: New York Trouble Will Hopefully Be Out By The Middle Of April And Once It Is Out You Know The Way When Kip The Bear Came Out We Went Straight On To The 2nd Kip The Bear Well This Time We Wont Do That Bye!


Yay! Happy To Announce That Kip The Bear Has Been Released And A Mac Version Is Not Going So Good So Mac Users You May Have To Buy A Pc To Play Kip The Bear Mac Info Is Coming In A Little Bit Of Time But Dont Worry Be Happy :)


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