If you are intrested in kip the bear than you will deffintly be intrested in this! KIP THE BEAR SHOP GRAND OPENING APRIL THE 6TH To APRIL THE 9TH!!!!! Yep thats right the toys are coming along with all the features great theres going to be mad things and you can buy kip the bear trainers and those things to cheat but the trading cards ar coming soon i hope you can wait untill this fablous party neither can we!!!! We will have a new post on April the 6th telling you and giving you info about it and this is a big sneak peek thats in the website builder its a sneak peek of the shop page:


Hey guys welcome to a new blog post! Well we have a lot of new features to talk about today and we are going to start off with Kip The Bear Toys
 UPDATE: Ok remember we said a little about toys hey? Well we have some more sneak peeks in store for you today and just before we give you info
 heres a picture:

Yeah its a picture of our trading cards but anyway the designs are coming along very nicely and we hope to get them instore very soon and you will be able to see the above picture on the shop page! Next up we have newsletters coming soon so you know the forums its getting very lonley but if you have signed up for that and blah blah blah logged in blah blah post a topic saying you want newsletters once you say that post your email address there after that post your username and password so we can log into yuor account and take away you topic so noone will se your email address and we will know your email address so we can post you newsletters every month to keep you up to - date and these are coming later it will be announced on a new blog post when its out! and last but not least we have a new update to Kip The Bear 2: New York Trouble what we have today is a new underwater level done thats level 2 and working on level 2 part 2 over the water which will be when your on a boat and theres enemies walking around killing you and jumping on your boat! Its really fun but in other news kip the bear psp is be taken for a break so we will be back on that in 5 days sorry! Cheers - Kip The Bear Team


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