I an happy to say this: The secret that we thought you could guess in our last post is revealed! What we were talking about was KIP THE BEAR PSP yes thats right we are working like mad on kip the bear new york trouble that we said it is taking longer than we thought it might be out in may or june well just to get your mind off that kip the bear PSP is in progress in will hopefully (fingers crossed) be out by the end of April if theres no bugs and just to proove that we are working 0n it heres a sneak peek: THE SNEAK PEEK IS AT THE TOP OF THIS POST! well what do you think of that huh? half of the team are working on Kip the bear 2 new york trouble and the other half (including me) are working on kip the bear PSP and kip the bear PSP is nothing like Kip the bear anyway bye!



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